They had 3 children:

CÉLESTINE MARIE, born in Saint-Jean-de-Boiseau (La Montagne), Nantes, Dec 31st 1870.

ADÉLINE EUGÉNIE , born in Châteaubernard, Cognac, Charente, in June 15th 1873, and

GASTON GEORGES CHARLES BRIAND, was born in Indret in October 5th 1876.

Gaston is my paternal grandfather.


At March 21st  1883 Eugène died in Indre, at his home, at the age of  38 years, due to an illness on his level complicated with lung ptisis. Eugénie Marie Marchal then moved with her grandchildren, Gaston, 6 years, and Célestine, 11 years, to the Commune of La Montagne, very

close to Indre. There was living his sibling, Alexis Marchal and the brother of  Julie Marie Kerny, Charles Kerny. My grandfather Gaston lived there on his childhood, with his grandmother and his uncles, until he was 18 years old, when he traveled to Buenos Aires.


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Célestine Briand  was married with Pedro Monetta and they had 3 children in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Carmen, Pedro and Angélica Monetta.

Adéline Briand was married with

René Godineau (04-19-1867 / 12-01-1935) employee of the  Direction of Internal Taxes in France at the Ministère de Finances, and wholesaler of tobacco, having his own warehouse in Rouen.

The family had 3 daughters:

Suzanne Godineau, born in Paris in May 5th 1893 (she's my paternal grandmother)

Raymonde Godineau, born in  Paris in 1900

Luciénne Godineau, born in Paris in 1902.

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