My grand father Gaston was living several years at Buenos Aires with my grand mother Suzanne and they had another son, my father:
GUY GASTON RENE BRIAND, (04-16-1924/05-04-1985).

Grand-mother Suzanne Godineau "Memé" and my father, Buenos Aires, 1934 Grandfather Gaston, Buenos Aires, 1928 Memé and Aunt Arlette, Buenos Aires,  1921

My grandfather owned two book stores in Buenos Aires: one  named  “La Franco Belga”, and the other one was addressed in Florida and Paraguay St. Around 1930, he was importing to Buenos Aires The Adventures of Fantomas what were very widespread magazines, sequenced by chapters. He used to tell that people were coming to pick up those magazines directly to the Port of Buenos Aires, not giving them time to reach the book store.
Along with another French friends, he founded the Banco Obrero (Labor Bank).
After 1930, he stayed in Dakar (AOF), where he was living a couple of years, and once in France, he came back to Buenos Aires where he died at Olivos , victim of  tuberculoses (incurable at that time) in February 1945, seven months before the end of the war, what he was waiting to return to France. It couldn't happen. He died being 68 years old at Vicente López Hospital.


Grand-Father Gaston,1935

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Grand-Father Gaston waiting for the end of World War II. Buenos Aires, 1944

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